Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Donald Trump declares himself Powerball winner

       Late Tuesday afternoon, Donald Trump declared that he, and he alone, has the sole winning Powerball ticket. He pointed to irregularities and delays in holding the drawing as proof that authorities are attempting to steal his lottery win from him. He held up a hand written ticket that he said was purchased online, and offered further proof in that the winning numbers were his "lucky" numbers all his life, and all of his toadies will vouch for that. Trump also made it clear that anyone producing any ticket that claims to be the winner is a fraud and he will sue them.

Sunday, October 9, 2022

Bits and pieces for October 2022

            I no longer recognize the Republican party. Therefore, from now on, I will refer to all election deniers as "Trumpicans". Here in Pennsylvania Congressional district number 7, we have Trumpican Lisa Scheller trying to unseat incumbent Susan Wild. Scheller's campaign slogan must be "Susan Wild is really Nancy Pelosi!" Instead of attacking Wild, I would like to see Scheller offer solutions to all the problems she says exist. She could start creating American jobs by closing all her companies' factories in China and relocate them here. But that would not make her as much money, I suppose.

          Next up, I watch a lot of College football, and when watching certain conference games, I get to see political ads from other races. This is how I noticed that, Republicans in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia were running almost the same ads in the Senate races. The Theme is the same in them all, claiming that Democrats will defund the police, pardon murderers, and spend more money than can possibly be printed. They even use the same footage of riots, all they change is the candidates personal info.

           Finally, because I have ire for both Political parties, I want to express my distaste with the Democratic Party candidates for State Representative and State Senate in my precinct. Neither one is someone I think much of as a politician, but my alternative to them are two Trump election deniers who vow to investigate any election that the Trumpicans do not win. So when my ballot comes in the mail, (yes, I vote by mail) I will reluctantly choose the lesser of the evils. That is all for now. Thank God for College Football.

Sunday, September 25, 2022

The reason I read Garden and Gun Magazine (Because of the dogs)

         I don't remember the exact date, but I was in the nearby Tractor Supply Company store about a decade ago when I saw the magazine at the checkout rack for the first time. I am a sucker for any magazine with a beautiful hunting dog on the cover, as well as a Remington 770 Shotgun, just like one I have. 

         You might think from the magazine's title, that it only covers Gardens and Guns. You would be happily mistaken. Garden and Gun regularly covers Southern cuisine, Ecological projects, Environmental concerns and Southern Music Icons. Their Interview with Waylon Jennings a few years back was brilliant, covering the scope of his career from his teen years to work with Willie Nelson. 

         Those are all good reasons to pick up a copy and read it, but interspersed among the articles about everglade protection and protecting crop pollinators, there is always one feature I can depend to be there for me in every Bimonthly issue. The Column is titled, GOOD DOG.

         Each story is written by an essayist of note, some you will know, some you will not, but each of these pieces are a story about a dog (or dogs) the writer had in their family at one time in their life. In many of the pieces the writer relates how the canine friend had a profound effect on their lives, and in many instances, how they coped with their canine friends passing. Many of these pieces have brought me to tears, reminding me of the emotional connection I have had with the many dogs I have had in my life, and those oh so painful moments when I held them in my arms at the vet's office and let them go.

         Thankfully, the most recent offering, in the October/November 2022 on page 99, is titled "PACK MENTALITY" Why settle for one dog when you can have five? by Jonathan Miles.  The writer details how he went about moving from Mississippi to New York City, and had to find a place to live that would be good for his then five dog family.

          Dog People understand this conundrum. When moving anywhere, the comfort of your dogs always comes first. He hilariously describes walking five dogs together with these words: "Taking the Pack out for a walk is equivalent to a cattle drive; at the end you will be dusty, exhausted, and in want of a saloon." 

         I am not going to recap this piece for you, I want you to read it and enjoy it (or not) on your own terms. I am trying to convey the context of how much I enjoy these pieces and why, so you might sample it. That's my magazine review for this Sunday. As always, I encourage everyone to try to read something outside your comfort zone. You never know what you might find that you like.

Monday, September 19, 2022

Governors Abbott and DeSantis and the practice of Dehumanizing

        Who would have ever thought that two governors of Border states would spend the money to bus or fly immigrants from their states to other jurisdictions? Especially two governors who are so in lock step with the Christian right. 

    You know Christianity, that religious idea where Jesus Christ preached Love for one another? Who knew that it could be interpreted as putting the hungry, needy and poor on a bus and shipping them to Chicago? Or putting them on a plane to Martha's Vineyard? The bus to Kamala Harris's official residence was an interesting twist. 

      Put all the political intrigue aside for a minute, and think about this on a human scale. That is right, consider the humanity of those immigrants who likely, in some way, shape or form, risked their lives and came to America in hope of a better life. How do you think most of us not native Americans got here? I am sure the Africans on the Slave ships had quite a journey, but that is another issue, even as they were treated just as inhumanely, if not worse than the immigrants. 

      Abbott of Texas and Desantis of Florida saw these members of what the inscription on the Statue of Liberty as describe as "wretched masses" as nothing more than political pawns to be exploited for gain with their racist leaning Trumpublican base. It made good theater for these two would be Presidential hopefuls, Christian principles be damned. 

      Christian principles stress giving love and comfort to others, not taking advantage of them. Feed them, clothe them, and offer them a hand up. That is what true Christians do. A few lies and a plane flight to Martha's Vineyard? I don't think that is quite what Christ had in mind, dropping a scared immigrant in a strange new place far from where they thought they were. 

        Kudos to the people of Martha's Vineyard for stepping up and taking care of those abandoned there. That is more than they got from the Trump wannabe Governors who willingly dumped them there. There is a special place in Hell reserved for people like that. Yes they are immigrants, but they are also humans, and they come here in search of a way to build a better life like many before them. They don't deserve to be treated like stray animals from an overcrowded shelter, yet, that is exactly what happened. God help us as Americans if we come to accept this as standard procedure. We can't let them be categorized as less than human just because they are immigrants. It would be a sin on us all.

     I want to make it clear here that I differentiate between Trumpublicans and Republicans. My Mother was a lifelong Republican who would be aghast at what a large chunk of her party has become aligned with.

Saturday, September 17, 2022

A Faustian opinion on the demise of Cursive writing.

   I just finished reading several pieces from the October edition of "The Atlantic", and one article that struck me as profoundly eye opening was titled "Cursive is History." It is written by a former Harvard University President and current Atlantic contributor Drew Gilpin Faust. 

     Her piece starts out noting that in teaching an undergraduate seminar, she was stunned to learn about two thirds of her class could not read cursive writing. In her discussions with her class on the absence of handwriting in their lives, she admits to feeling she had become a historical artifact, categorizing herself as a "Rip Van Winkle" confronting a transformed world.

     Faust gives a detailed history of how cursive was phased out after the new Common Core standards were put in place in 2010, and describes how the proliferation of laptops and tablets and lessons in what is called keyboarding replaced Cursive writing. Some states have passed laws to restore cursive handwriting to the curriculum, but Faust believes that despite the effort, the decline of Cursive writing is inevitable.

     Faust gives a thorough History lesson, detailing how cursive writing evolved over the past three centuries in America, pointing out how it helped in the spread of education in the 19th century, where by 1860, 90 percent of the White population could both read and write. She points out how penmanship could give a reader a look into a writer's very soul, and how a signature became accepted as a unique representation of individuals of any economic standing. 

     Then Faust notes how the invention of the Typewriter brought about the first observations that handwriting would eventually become obsolescent, quoting LOOK magazine in 1956 pronouncing cursive writing as "out-of-date." Faust then relates several instances of her interactions with her students concerning their inability to read cursive. Faust learned that when the students were forced to write grocery lists or thank you notes, they mostly did so on laptops and phones, and only wrote in block letters on paper as a last resort. One student even admitted to her that he had to ask his parents to read and translate notes from his grandparents. It led Faust to wonder if the students ever read or understood the many notes and remarks on their submitted papers that their instructors had returned.

      Personally, I find that admission of asking the parents to translate as an indictment of our society, and I see it as another example of how we as a society have become more and more empathically disconnected from one another.  A handwritten letter or note is something that came directly from another person, and it was likely composed with some emotions of a sort attached. There was no cold machine involved sending an email that has no heart attached to it, unless you count emojis, and I don't. 

      I believe Cursive writing, the way we create our words in individual styles, helps define each of us as individuals. It allows a peak into our individual soul that communicating electronically tends to mute, and in many cases, distort. Context is hard to convey on a laptop or tablet, but in cursive, it can be seen when it is sought. 

      Yes, I do see the irony in my writing this blog post on a laptop and posting it for all to read, and that it may seem somewhat cold and critical. In that case, I would urge you to go out to Barnes and Noble or any available news stand and get a copy of the October 2022 Atlantic, turn to page 74, and read it yourself. It will make you think. and that is always a good thing.

Sunday, June 12, 2022

It is time to charge the 45th President with Treason

        I will never forget the day I was inducted into the United States Army. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That was over 40 years ago. In January of 2017. America watched as the legally elected winner of the 2016 Presidential election took the oath of office and swore to uphold our Constitution. 

        Unfortunately, almost four years later, after clearly losing a bid for reelection, that same individual undertook multiple efforts to undermine the very Constitution he had sworn to uphold and protect. 

         Oaths of any magnitude are supposed to mean something. It means you have given your word as a compact with those you would serve. The Individual I am referring to had shown in his four years as President that nothing he said could be considered as sacred. Those he governed over were only there to suit his personal whims. In the opinion of the 45th President, those who rebuked and opposed him, and more importantly, did not vote for him, were the traitors, not him.

         The Evidence that the President and his enablers knew what they were doing and encouraging others to do as their agents is overwhelming. What the cameras at the Capitol that day recorded was an Insurrection, not just some rowdy tourists. It is clear to any outside observer that The President in no uncertain terms broke his oath, betraying those he had sworn to serve in a blatant attempt to only serve his own ego.

           Merrick Garland is the duly appointed Attorney General of The United States. He is, "The Peoples Legal Representative." Merrick Garland needs to follow his oath and ignore all the inherent political considerations. Garland needs to charge and prosecute the former President for his multitude of crimes against the People of the United States. What I personally feel or believe does not matter, what matters is that if we ever want as a society to have trust in our legal system, The former President must be held accountable according to the very legal system our Constitution supports. I know it is rare anymore that we see the law applied equally to all citizens across the board, but it does not mean we should stop trying to achieve that very end.

            Finally, I don't believe that Trump should be the only one put on trial. There is a whole list of enablers I can see standing with him, but that list is too long to state here. Several members of Law enforcement lost their lives at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Their lives mattered. Political affiliations be damned, American citizens need to stand up and demand justice. Period

Friday, January 21, 2022

Would you want this in the Lehigh Valley?

    Intel is planning to build the largest Semiconductor Chip Plant in the world outside of Columbus, Ohio. It is an investment of over $20 Billion. With the World Chip Shortage restricting manufacturing of Vehicles here in the States, Having American made Chips available in the next 5 years would definitely negate the Supply Chain issues we face now. Read about the State of Ohio's jackpot here:

      Columbus Dispatch (newsmemory.com)

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Disintegration of the United States of America is well under way

           I love reading History. There are so many lessons to be learned from it, which sadly, we as a civilization ignore at our own peril. All Great dynasties rise and fall, some over centuries, some over decades, and some over just a few years. Our America is currently enduring the second situation. We had a few good decades in the 20th century, but now we are on our way down. 

           I predict we will fracture into multiple smaller groups of states, and I think that Texas and California might even become their own countries. Some States might even be split into different entities, much like when West Virginia spun off from Virginia during our 19th century Civil War. 

          The Thing is, this will help the profits of the very rich. You think Amazon avoids taxes now? They will move around to whatever entity gives them the best deal. America as we knew it in the 60s, 70s, and 80s, warts and all, is gone. I am going to be writing about several scenarios as I research and detail them out. I am not saying I am absolutely right, I am saying we need to consider all the available evidence in front of us and start preparing a working plan to get thru the tumult and unrest that is coming. We can't fool ourselves any longer. IT IS COMING.

Tuesday, January 11, 2022

Yep, this is a legit story, about a war hero rat.

 Rat recognized as hero for detecting landmines, dead at 8 (msn.com)

    Click the link to read it.  If the rat were from the Lehigh Valley, I am sure Trumpublicans would want to name something after him. Maybe the Allentown Lanta Terminal, or would the one in Easton be more appropriate?

Sunday, January 9, 2022

Monday Morning Headlines for 01/10/2022!

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz denies calling January 6th Insurrection an act of Terrorism

      Now he tells CNN he misspoke. He also never went to Cancun to get warm while Texans froze.

   Eagles and Steelers Make NFL Playoffs !

       If you had told me in October they would both get in, let alone one of them, I would have bet against it. They may be one and done, but they did get in.

   Baby its cold outside!

       Maybe some of you didn't notice, but the calendar does say JANUARY. DUH!

   Local Blogger passes gas while covering government meeting in Northampton County

        I won't name who, but a certain township had to evacuate the building and a HAZMAT team was called. Sometimes the act of governing can really stink, as do those covering it!

Wednesday, January 5, 2022

Trump Cancels January 6th rally

          It was announced today that Donald Trump would not be holding his planned rally, that might have, or not, celebrated last years  fun filled Insurrection that left a half dozen citizens dead. Most watchers opined that it was because someone had convinced Trump that having the rally wasn't really a good idea, optics wise. However, it was also pointed out that most of the supporters heading to the Capitol for a re-anactment later this week would likely still be stuck on I 95 in the Snowstorm aftermath and the crowd wouldn't quite be as large as Trump would like. In lieu of a rally, Trump once again solicited money for his pending political activities. That way the next pep rally could give all participants a lollipop. 


Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Twitter threatens Marjorie Taylor Greene

    In response to MTG breaking Twitters "5 Strikes and you might get banned rule" Twitter has not only suspended MTG's personal Twitter account, but also warned that if she doesn't stop posting misinformation about Covid, they will be forced to activate the Jewish Space lasers and aim that at her district. MJT has yet to comment, but observers in her district have reported that she is rallying Trump Supporters to go outside after 9 PM and use what ever firearms they have to shoot randomly at anything they deem suspicious passing overhead. 

Monday, January 3, 2022

Three Headlines for January 3rd, 2022! Or Maybe not

       Northampton County Republicans hire Former NFLer Anthony Brown as Spokesperson

       When you think about it, that makes about as much sense as anything that particular batch of Lehigh Valley Republicans do. Kind of Like what happens if Gremlins get wet and/or you feed them after midnight.

        Penn State Football Coach thinks he is underpaid at $70 Million.   In responding to critics of Penn State's loss to a mediocre Arkansas team in the Outback behind the porta-potty Bowl, Franklin told sportswriters at his end of season news conference that if fans want the Nittany Lions to make the College Football playoff, he should be paid triple that. My solution is to add his salary to the funding for the Turnpike. They have no idea where any of that money really goes, pretty much the same way Franklin comes up with his game plans.

        Eagles make playoffs, immediately put entire team on Covid Protocols for final regular season game against Dallas.

         Crazy thing about this one? It is actually pretty much true!