Sunday, January 9, 2022

Monday Morning Headlines for 01/10/2022!

    Texas Senator Ted Cruz denies calling January 6th Insurrection an act of Terrorism

      Now he tells CNN he misspoke. He also never went to Cancun to get warm while Texans froze.

   Eagles and Steelers Make NFL Playoffs !

       If you had told me in October they would both get in, let alone one of them, I would have bet against it. They may be one and done, but they did get in.

   Baby its cold outside!

       Maybe some of you didn't notice, but the calendar does say JANUARY. DUH!

   Local Blogger passes gas while covering government meeting in Northampton County

        I won't name who, but a certain township had to evacuate the building and a HAZMAT team was called. Sometimes the act of governing can really stink, as do those covering it!

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