Saturday, September 26, 2020

There will be Consequences, but when the election is over, we will all still be American siblings.

        The Vitriol is off the charts. I can at least see a clear definition between Good and Evil. There is a small piece of what was once the Republican Party that is chomping at the bit for any reason to commit acts of violence against those they see as Trump's enemies. There is a larger chunk still calling themselves Republicans who, while not wanting violence, condones it by their silence, their acquiescence to Trump's bullying because it furthers their political agenda.  There are still many Republicans who are aghast at what Trump is, and have stood up defying him. That is why I say we can't and must not condemn all Republicans as a whole, only those whose hypocrisy and complacence to the evil before us is obvious.

      I am not here to discuss election outcomes today. I am here to point out that there is a faction in this country that will go to any lengths to keep power, including starting a violent class war. We can't fool ourselves... THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES.

      Donald Trump has hinted, no, threatened, that he will call upon right wing militia groups to protect his Presidency. We have already seen in Kenosha, Wisconsin and Portland, Oregon what happens when these groups are unleashed, with a 17 year old murdering 2 protesters in Kenosha and so called "Proud Boys" invading Portland to march around in a show of "White Power." The 17 year old's parents received a standing ovation at a Republican gathering. These folks have no qualms whatsoever about murdering other Americans they don't like the looks of. 

    We Americans will survive this trial, and we will see a side of ourselves that is shameful, but growing as a society sometimes means growing pains that can't be avoided. There are too many long simmering societal ills that are like boils on the skin that need to be lanced before they can heal. This means we must accept responsibility for our errors in the past and rectify them, We must own our sins before we can do true penance.

     The current inhabitant of Pennsylvania Avenue must eventually be held accountable for the violence that he incites. All further bloodshed must be laid at his feet. He owns this for every drop of blood that is spilled and penance, which I doubt would ever come from the narcissistic power mad bastard, should be the sole property of him and his cadre of enablers. No matter what happens at the ballot in November, there must be an accounting. Otherwise, Democracy in America is dead.  Hic Tyrannus vivit in aeternum. The Tyrant lives forever