Sunday, October 9, 2022

Bits and pieces for October 2022

            I no longer recognize the Republican party. Therefore, from now on, I will refer to all election deniers as "Trumpicans". Here in Pennsylvania Congressional district number 7, we have Trumpican Lisa Scheller trying to unseat incumbent Susan Wild. Scheller's campaign slogan must be "Susan Wild is really Nancy Pelosi!" Instead of attacking Wild, I would like to see Scheller offer solutions to all the problems she says exist. She could start creating American jobs by closing all her companies' factories in China and relocate them here. But that would not make her as much money, I suppose.

          Next up, I watch a lot of College football, and when watching certain conference games, I get to see political ads from other races. This is how I noticed that, Republicans in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Georgia were running almost the same ads in the Senate races. The Theme is the same in them all, claiming that Democrats will defund the police, pardon murderers, and spend more money than can possibly be printed. They even use the same footage of riots, all they change is the candidates personal info.

           Finally, because I have ire for both Political parties, I want to express my distaste with the Democratic Party candidates for State Representative and State Senate in my precinct. Neither one is someone I think much of as a politician, but my alternative to them are two Trump election deniers who vow to investigate any election that the Trumpicans do not win. So when my ballot comes in the mail, (yes, I vote by mail) I will reluctantly choose the lesser of the evils. That is all for now. Thank God for College Football.