Monday, January 3, 2022

Three Headlines for January 3rd, 2022! Or Maybe not

       Northampton County Republicans hire Former NFLer Anthony Brown as Spokesperson

       When you think about it, that makes about as much sense as anything that particular batch of Lehigh Valley Republicans do. Kind of Like what happens if Gremlins get wet and/or you feed them after midnight.

        Penn State Football Coach thinks he is underpaid at $70 Million.   In responding to critics of Penn State's loss to a mediocre Arkansas team in the Outback behind the porta-potty Bowl, Franklin told sportswriters at his end of season news conference that if fans want the Nittany Lions to make the College Football playoff, he should be paid triple that. My solution is to add his salary to the funding for the Turnpike. They have no idea where any of that money really goes, pretty much the same way Franklin comes up with his game plans.

        Eagles make playoffs, immediately put entire team on Covid Protocols for final regular season game against Dallas.

         Crazy thing about this one? It is actually pretty much true!



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