Sunday, November 28, 2021

My Take on the College Football playoff seedings

 Well. College Football fans, here is how I see it. But I start with a question: What two teams are undefeated this season, after playing a thrilling bowl game in January that wasn't decided until the final seconds? The answer is Georgia beating Cincinnati 24-21 in the 2021 Peach Bowl. My rankings are thus:

1. Georgia
2. Cincinnati
3. Michigan
4. Oklahoma State
5. Notre Dame
6. Alabama

First, I have watched Alabama play almost every week, and their offensive line isn't as good as the 5 teams ahead of them. They have benefited from their reputation, and their loss to Texas A&M, along with the multiple near losses and the should have lost to Auburn have me putting them at 6. They will lose to Georgia in the SEC Chanpionship game and hopefully finally be out.
Cincinnati gets Houston in their league Championship game, and I think that a win there, while not certain, locks them in, strength of schedule be damned, they did beat Notre Dame at South Bend. In my book, the two undefeated teams should be the top two seeds. Then comes Michigan, at 11-1, whose only loss is a 4 point nail biter to instate rival Michigan State. My fear here is that the tough Iowa team show up in the BIG conference champ game and upsets them. That opens the door for Notre dame and a truly UNDESERVING Alabama team, that might get in another way if.....
BAYLOR Knocks off OK STATE in their champ game. It is all still wide open, but this is the order of my top six, FOR NOW. Feel free to give your own opinions.

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