Sunday, June 12, 2022

It is time to charge the 45th President with Treason

        I will never forget the day I was inducted into the United States Army. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the United States, from all enemies, foreign and domestic. That was over 40 years ago. In January of 2017. America watched as the legally elected winner of the 2016 Presidential election took the oath of office and swore to uphold our Constitution. 

        Unfortunately, almost four years later, after clearly losing a bid for reelection, that same individual undertook multiple efforts to undermine the very Constitution he had sworn to uphold and protect. 

         Oaths of any magnitude are supposed to mean something. It means you have given your word as a compact with those you would serve. The Individual I am referring to had shown in his four years as President that nothing he said could be considered as sacred. Those he governed over were only there to suit his personal whims. In the opinion of the 45th President, those who rebuked and opposed him, and more importantly, did not vote for him, were the traitors, not him.

         The Evidence that the President and his enablers knew what they were doing and encouraging others to do as their agents is overwhelming. What the cameras at the Capitol that day recorded was an Insurrection, not just some rowdy tourists. It is clear to any outside observer that The President in no uncertain terms broke his oath, betraying those he had sworn to serve in a blatant attempt to only serve his own ego.

           Merrick Garland is the duly appointed Attorney General of The United States. He is, "The Peoples Legal Representative." Merrick Garland needs to follow his oath and ignore all the inherent political considerations. Garland needs to charge and prosecute the former President for his multitude of crimes against the People of the United States. What I personally feel or believe does not matter, what matters is that if we ever want as a society to have trust in our legal system, The former President must be held accountable according to the very legal system our Constitution supports. I know it is rare anymore that we see the law applied equally to all citizens across the board, but it does not mean we should stop trying to achieve that very end.

            Finally, I don't believe that Trump should be the only one put on trial. There is a whole list of enablers I can see standing with him, but that list is too long to state here. Several members of Law enforcement lost their lives at the Capitol on January 6th, 2021. Their lives mattered. Political affiliations be damned, American citizens need to stand up and demand justice. Period

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