Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Trump legal Dream Team discovers they have been arguing in wrong Court system

         In his personal search for Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman's killer election fraud, O J Simpson Donald Trump has been launching and losing court filings thru out the American Judicial system.  With so much imaginary fraud, why are all his cases being dismissed? Because they are trying them in the REAL Judicial system! Donald Trump is a reality show creation, so any cases involving him should be tried in the REALITY SHOW Court rooms!

          He could start in the lower courts, such as Judge Mablean, then go to the People's Court with Judge Marilyn Milian. From there he can move up to the three Judge panel on Hot Bench. If he fails there, then, and only then, can he go to what all Americans know is the TRUE highest Court in the land. That's right, JUDGE JUDY!.

           This election fight isn't over until America's greatest Jurist hears the case. I can't wait to see Rudy try to argue in front of Judy. She definitely won't let him pee on her leg! This is one skit Saturday Night Live really should give a shot.

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