Monday, November 2, 2020

Election Predictions for 2020

              IT IS all about Covid for some people. especially Women. Every poll, from every source, shows something that the Trump campaign knows is their Achilles heel. In every poll, Biden (and all Democrats in general) has the vote of between 52 to 58 % of all women in all age, racial, and income categories. When you consider that woman make up 51.8% of the registered voters in America, It makes the margins for Donald Trump in the swing states very narrow indeed. 

           You really need to only look at turnout in the Swing states and those with contested Senate races to see where the race is going. Biden will win the presidency with overwhelming electoral numbers. He will win Arizona, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Michigan, North Carolina, outright by 5 or more percentage points. I think IF he wins Florida, and it is announced by 11 PM Tuesday night, with that the game is over. I think he wins Pennsylvania narrowly, because the Democrats are pouring everything into turnout in Philadelphia. I think Iowa could go either way. I still put Georgia and Texas as leaning Republican, because while I do think it is possible, I see the Republican governors there continuing to tinker to find ways to suppress votes. Republican will likely win a few of those battles today, but 2 to 4 to 6 years down the road it will bite them in the ass.

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