Monday, January 25, 2021

Profiles in Republican Hypocrisy

 I find it difficult to fathom how members of what calls itself the Republican party intend to retain their self appointed role as the "Law and Order" party. When you practice fealty to a now out of office President who never saw a law he couldn't ignore, it calls into question what you truly believe in. How do you portray yourselves as beacons of Justice and light when in practice, you abetted a man intent on ignoring our most Democratic traditions and came damnably close to discarding them in your insatiable quest to retain political power? 

      To stay silent in the face of injustice is to give an implicit approval of it. Whether it be the trampling of basic human rights or openly working to overthrow the legitimate Democratic process to instill your own preferred leadership, Republicans in concert with Trumpism have drifted to embody a Fascist party wannabe. 

       You can disagree with the New President and his policies, but 8 million more citizens voted for him than for your con man. What had made you so indifferent to the plight of the common citizen? Are you so fat and happy in your current situation that you feel letting a Pandemic run loose and allowing the economy crash, leaving millions of your fellow citizens sick, hungry, and fearful of their future is a situation you find bearable? 

     We know the former President had no empathy, but do you have to emulate that trait as a group as well? At this most dire hour, Senator Mitch McConnell is still holding up the Democratic process, stalling Senate confirmations of the New President's cabinet. McConnell is demanding power that he himself would never have granted. The simple Question is this, Why can't Republicans put aside their own selfish concerns and work for the good of the country? 

      NOW they want unity. Marco Rubio of Florida is the current media face of that hypocrisy. The Same man who wanted Hillary Clinton crucified after 4 Americans were killed in the Benghazi disaster is saying Trump should be forgotten after 5 dead in the Capitol Insurrection. By that standard, the only thing that matters is what party you belong to.

    A Capitol Police officer is dead, beaten to death by the mob, so where are the Republicans on "Blue Lives Matter" now? When one of their own is the instigating culprit, their reluctance and silence is damning. There probably are not 67 votes in the Senate to bring Trump to a deserved sentence. 

      History has a way of rendering verdicts that are permanent and never ignored or overturned. Senators like Hawley and Cruz, plus the more than a hundred Congressional lemmings who preached the great lie will not write the history of this tragic area, but they will be the ones it is written about, and it will not be flattering, it will be damning. Their only good fortune is they will not have to live that long with it, as it will live in infamy long after they have all passed.


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