Wednesday, August 12, 2020

One building, four precincts, in one statehouse race. Just the numbers.

         The Place is 1221 South Front street in Allentown. The Fearless Fire Company is a Social Hall and Community gathering place on Allentown's South side. This year four precincts shared the building as a voting facility. Allentown 12-1, 12-2, 16-1, and 16-2.

          12-1 has 946 registered Voters. 756 Democrats, 190 Republicans. 201 ballots were cast in 12-1, 154 Democrat and 47 Republicans. 100 Democrats used MIBs, while 54 walked in. On the Republican side 29 used MIBs while 18 walked in. 

           Santiago won this precinct with 86 votes to Schweyers' 66. Two voters did not cast a ballot in the house race. That is called an undervote and happens in every election.  Santiago had 36 walk in votes and 50 MIBs. Schweyer had had 18 walk ins and 48 MIBs.

         12-2 has 1266 registered voters, 1035, Democrats and 231 Republicans. 277 ballots were cast in 12-2, 114 in person, 157 MIBs, and 6 provisional. There were 218 Democrat voters and 59 Republican. 132 Democrats used MIBs, with 4 Provisional Democrat voters. Republicans had 25 MIBs with 2 Provisional voters. 

       This is the precinct that had the wrong provisional ballots, as noted earlier, all those who wanted to vote were able. There were 8 Democrat voters that did not cast a vote for the House race in this precinct. Santiago had 51 walk ins, 37 MIBs, and 2 provisional votes. Schweyer had 30 walk ins, 89 MIBs, and 1 Provisional. One provisional ballot did not vote in this race. Schweyer won this precinct 120 to 90.

     The undervote in 12-2 was 8 ballots

      16-1 has 1024 voters, 805 Democrats and 219 Republicans. 246 ballots were cast, 139 on election day, 106 by MIB, and 1 provisional. 173 Democrats and 73 Republicans voted in 16-1.

      Schweyer won this precinct 87 to 83

Enid Santiago had 60 election day, 5 absentee, and 18 MIB

Peter Schweyer had 29 election day, 4 absentee1 provisional, and 53 MIB.

    The Democrat undervote in this precinct was three.

      Finally we get to 16-2.   it has 1629 total voters, 1240 Democrats and 389 Republicans. 434 ballots were cast, 332 by Democrats and 102 by Republicans

     Santiago received 155 votes. 81 were walk ins, 17 were absentee, 5 were provisional, and 52 were MIB.

      Schweyer received 166 votes, 37 were walk ins, 14 were absentee, and 114 were MIB. The undervote in this precinct was 11 votes.

      Note to observers, the higher your vote totals, the more undervotes you will have. We had a Federal Presidential race and there are some people who blow off down ballot races and vice versa. Just some food for thought.



  1. If I'm correct she's not taking into account the "undervotes"?

  2. You would be correct on that. I believe that at her press conference she will be proving the adage that "It is better to stay silent and let others think you are an idiot than to speak and remove all doubt." There will be little doubt if this news conference goes the way I think.