Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Clueless 2020: Starring Enid Santiago and her lawyer!

      This is the 25th anniversary Summer of the movie "Clueless." How appropriate for the information I am about to share. On Thursday August 13th, at 10 AM LOSER candidate in the 22nd House District, Enid Santiago is planning to hold a press conference in front of Lehigh County Government Center to unveil her "Proof" of fraudulent ballots. 

       She claims that in the 3rd Ward, the state results showed only 120 votes cast by 147 voters. I don't know where she obtained those figures from, but I have a copy of the certified results from that precinct, printed out for me on July 31st. 

      Here are the actual certified results, with known registration statistics included.

      Total registered voters: 1127. 973 Democrats, 154 Republicans.

       Ballots cast, total, 178, 103 on election day, 16 absentee, 59 MIB. (Mailed in ballots)

       Ballots cast, Republican, 25 total. 14 on election day, 5 absentee, 6 MIB.

       So to catch up, 25 from 178 is 153 Democratic voters.

       Ballots cast, Democratic, 153. 89 on election day, 11 absentee, and 53 MIB.

       Now lets show you by candidate:

       Enid Santiago, 95 votes, 63 were walk ins on election day, 7 were absentee, and 25 were MIBs

       Peter Schweyer 52 votes, 22 on election day, 3 absentee, and 27 were MIB. 

        The undervote in this race was 5 votes.

       I honestly believe that this 27 vote discrepancy she claims is that the State either forgot to add the 25 Republicans and possible  original provisional ballots to the total voters or they forgot to add 27 votes by MIB for Schweyer. Either way, There is an actual printout of all those who voted in the precinct, 178 people, names and addresses, plus party affiliation.There are no fraudulent votes here. The data is available to cross check everything, and I really doubt that 25 people ghost voted in that little precinct. 178 phone calls are not that hard to make, Santiago and her attorney should have tried that first before once again, blurting out charges that have no base in actual fact.

   Now lets move to Allentown first district, where Santiago claims 148 people voted, but only 146 in her race. Guess what the data shows on that one?

     It shows 148 votes were cast in that race by 151 Democrats, and undervote of three.  

     Lets go right to the results of that precinct.

      Santiago received 120 votes. 86 on election day, 7 by absentee, 8 provisional, and 19 mail in.

      Schweyer received 28 votes, 16 on election day, 2 absentee, and 10 MIB

      So where are the fraudulent votes in a precinct she won overwhelmingly? Maybe some of hers? In case you wondered, here are the precinct registration statistics:

    Total voters, 1237, 1072 Democrats, 165 Republicans.

    I can point to an undervote by Democrats and Republicans in each precinct of the county, Enid Santiago lost the election, and no amount of TV court antics will change that. 

     The bottom line is, Candidate Santiago, all along the line, has proceeded without educating herself properly on the basic procedures for candidates to follow, and hasn't hired anyone around her to steer her on the correct course. The mistakes by the Judge of election gave her cause to challenge, yet she couldn't get it done. It is all on her for being woefully uninformed about the electoral process. In one word, CLUELESS

Morning Update:  I forgot to address the overall disparity of 4440 Democrats voting at the polls, but only 4339 voting in the Santiago/Schweyer race. The vote differential of 101 is the exact number across the 27 precincts of the undervote. Sometimes people go to the polls to cast a ballot in a specific race and ignore the down ballot contests. That also occurs vice versa. to those with experience about how elections are tabulated, this is common.


  1. Elections are won or lost at the polls. Not in the streets. Let's keep it that way.

  2. What boggles my mind is that they choose to ignore the actual certified results that show they have no case.

  3. If this case moves to The Pennsylvania Appellate Court system there is no telling what the decision will be

    1. I don't believe that will happen. Judges rule on the law that is in effect, not the ones people make up when they are mad. Santiago's claims will disintegrate under legal scrutiny.

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